EcoFans              These really work )


The Caframo Ecofan™ is a heat powered fan designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood or gas stove. These fans do not use any batteries or mains power.

These fans have a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan’s motor. When this generator module experiences a heat differential between its top and bottom surfaces, it pumps out electricity. The base of the fan heats the bottom surface of the module, while the top of the module is kept cooler by the fan’s top cooling fins.
The Seebeck Effect
The generator module is a unique semiconductor device that relies upon the Seebeck effect to generate electricity. When two dissimilar semiconductors (p-type and ntype) at the same temperature are connected together they establish a static electric potential difference. With the introduction of a temperature difference heat flows acrossthe joined semiconductors which in turn permits electrons to flow. With the electron flow or current comes the ability to power electrical devices such as the fan’s motor.

812 AirMax

The 812 AirMax in now in stock at Island Stoves. The 812 AirMax Ecofon will provide the highest air flow and start working at the lowest temperature so this is the ultimate choice.

Size: Base 121x82mm (4.75 x 3.25″). Height 248mm (9.75″) excludes handle.
Blade diameter 232mm (9″)



810 AirMax

The 810 UltrAir replaced the 800 Original Ecofan in October 2012. The new model offers better performance over a wider range of stove surface temperatures, delivering between 15 and 90% more air flow.

The 810 UltrAir will provide slightly less air movement and start to work at a slightly higher temperature than the 812 AirMax but still provide excellent results.

Size: Base 121x76mm (4.75 x 3″). Height 223mm (8.75″) excluding handle.
Blade diameter 200mm (8″)



Ash Pans

This ash-carrier is a simple yet invaluable addition to your stove. It offers a clean, safe and effective means of ash disposal. This eliminates the risk of dropping hot ash onto the carpet and saves you countless trips to the cold outdoors every time you need to empty the ash from your stove. It enables hot ashes to be emptied straight from the stove into the carrier where they can be stored and left to cool safely.



Atmosfire® Dry Wiper

Fireplaces with viewing windows are always popular. But as pleasant and cosy the crackling fireplace in the living room is: the subsequent cleaning of the sooty fire viewing window is less enjoyable. For this reason SCHOTT developed a new kind of Dry Wiper especially for fire viewing windows made from ROBAX® glass-ceramics.

The atmosfire® Dry Wiper cleans without application time, without smearing or scratching and without any need for rising. That is how you are quickly back, relaxing in front of the fire.